Monday, December 27, 2010


The packages have been opened and the gifts have been given.  The glow still shines in the eyes of my children.  They were so good and so grateful for what they received.  By the world's standards, we had a small Christmas but in the grand scheme of things our Christmas was full of blessings.  Love in our hearts, food on our table and small gifts to share.  Grateful children and peace in our home.   Those gifts can not be measured.  I feel like this Christmas was special and intimate and full of blessing.  God provided in ways I can not even explain.

I believe God is going to do wonderful things this year.  Long after all the bows, ribbons and packages are gone the effects of this Christmas will remain treasured in my heart.  The love of my Father in heaven who showed me in so many ways He truly has provided Emanuel (God is with us) to my heart,mind, body, soul and home is the greatest gift of all.  It didn't come in fancy bows or paper.  It didn't come with a  price that can be measured.  But it came with the most precious gift of all the shed blood of a Savior dying for my sins, who came to this earth as a humble baby.  Thank you Jesus for your gift and that it shines like the brightest star in our home. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our family to yours

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

In the Trenches

I have come to the conclusion that the enemy of our souls has waged an all out battle,more so than ever before, for marriages and families.  As a Christian...sister, wife and job is to battle in the trenches.  I must fight against what I can not see and that is done, most humbling...on your knees.  We are armor bearers.  Armor bearers do not get glory or fame or often any recognition....BUT they are warriors.  the armor bearers has to bring the soldier his replacement weapons and armor in the most dire of circumstances.  We are that...we are warriors and armor bearers.  The armor bearer must be strong of faith and character because to stand up in the midst of battle to bring the soldier what he needs is not easy. 

That being said...yes we are warriors too.  God has us wearing many hats as it were.  Sometimes, He has us fulfilling the armor bearer role.  But there are times...our commander and chief calls us out and puts us on the front lines.  It is those times that having been fighting in the trenches as the armor bearer comes in to play.  It is those times God uses us to fight because He has prepared us in the trench. 

The trench isn't pretty.  It is lonely at times, ugly and sometimes it is stinky.  Thing is sometimes we choose to bring stuff into our trench that limits us and fills our trench with stuff that makes our conditions worse. 

Our commander and chief supplies everything we need for the battle.  We do not have to bring anything.  He supplies it all.  We get into trouble when we try to fulfill our needs for battle by ourselves.

So I stand up and say God use me where you want me...whether it is on the front lines or in the trenches...but let me do it for YOUR glory with what  YOU supply.  Help me stand in your grace and fight on my knees or stand up in full battle armor when you call me to it...with no fear but the strength of God flowing through my veins.