Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tears like Rain

Tears like rain fall from my heart
and I feel like I am falling apart.
I feel so alone and lost in despair
and that my heart can not repair.
the enemy attacks are cruel and mean
and the wounds can not be seen.

Tears like rain falling to the ground
making rivers of agony all around
Tears like rain draining my life
my heart filling with strife

Then in steps my Lord with His precious love
collecting my tears in a bottle from above.
He moves in to the storm and speaks peace be still
rest in the comfort of my will
I have plans for every part of your being
even when it seems hurt is all you are seeing
Tears like rain might fall for a season
but each tear is for a reason
They water the ground of your soul
bringing you peace and making you whole

Tears like rain fell before He went to the cross of Calvary
and then He died to set all mankind truly free
Tears like rain fall when He sees how we treat our sisters and brothers
how unkind people are to others

Tears like rain fill my heart
because after the sorrow joy will fill my every part.
His promises are yes and amen
and He heals us again and again
Tears like rain wash me clean and anew
refresh my soul so I can fulfill what You have called me to do.
(copyright June 25, 2009)


Barry and Amy said...


Unknown said...

thank you....just something God spoke to my heart today......He is so good!

Burkulater said...

It is beautiful and so true.

Unknown said...

thank you....and if it were not for Him....we could not make it in this life