Saturday, June 20, 2009

Alphabet Soup

(list some things about your day or self using the alphabet)

A---actually got to sleep in until 8 am.

B---believe it is going to be a good day.

C---coffee is a must regardless of what day it is, but actually got to drink it.

D---daddy's day is Sunday...still have to go shopping...been a rough week.

E---ever wonder if you have enough hands...because I need lots today.

F---finished my cereal BEFORE it got soggy.

G---going to go to the car show at the church, community outreach.

H---hoping to actually get some walking in today

I----I think my kids are adorable when we have lazy Saturday morning cuddles.

J----just hoping I can get the grocery shopping in today as well....out of everything

K----keeping the potty train going despite 1 accident today, she was to slow.

L----loving my family and hoping to get a family movie in tonight. redbox time.

M---maybe we will actually get some quality couple time in this evening.

N---now take a deep breath, count backwards from 100.....that's better.

O---open up some Mommy, hubby......they need attitude adjusments

P---pretend that I am super mom and deal with it.

Q---quickly remember it is better to hold my tongue than say something

R---remind the children that this is Father's day weekend...supposed to be nice

S---suggest we take the kids swimming in the apartment complex pool later

T---thank God my kids can be silly and do things that don't make sense

U---understand that kids are not always TRYING to be naughty.

V---very glad the kids and hubby are sweet and quick to mend their ways

W---waiting for little Miya to come so we can go...

X---Xcited that I am going to get OUT of the house today.

Y---yawn........cause I could have used some more sleep

Z---zoom through the kitchen chores to have more time with the family