Saturday, June 13, 2009

The WAR has begun....

The recruits are being fed before the battle. The plan is being finalized. Assigned quadrants will be handed out by the General. Weapons of mass cleaning will be handed out. Brooms, dust rags, mops....vacuums.....are at ready disposal. Trash bags will be given to each recruit in order to contain items that need to be donated or thrown away. The HOUSE CLEANING WARS have begun. General Mommy will pass out missions.....should they not choose to excet them....they will do solitary confinement on the time out chair. This HOUSE will be CLEAN by the end of this day. Dust bunnies be are going DOWN. All linens will be changed and beds will be made. Broken toys will get a proper honorable burial in the trash bin where all good toys go after devastating play ending injuries. Our grown toys will be sent on special missions to be given to children less fortunate than mine.

Laundry will be caught up and go to the proper storage facilities instead of the creative place my children find to place it.

Yes......this is cleaning day at our house.


Hope said...

Oh how I need a massive cleaning day! Good luck!