Monday, June 8, 2009

Not Me Monday

It is not me who is going to shamelessly brag that I walked twice today....once was a 20 minute in home walk video. Second was a 45 minute walk after supper. It is NOT ME who is extremely proud of herself.

It is not me who had the after effect of lots of energy after the 45 minute walk and cleaned 2 of my 2.5 bathrooms inside 10 min to sparkling clean (the other I did earlier today).

It is not me who has the silliest kids on the planet but enjoy every minute of their insanely silly laughter.

It is not me who is going to shamelessly brag that Jennifer went all day until 7:45 without one accident and wore big girl panties ALL DAY! No I would never boast of such.

It is not me who wishes I always felt as strong and capable as I feel at this moment.

It is not me who thinks that having 5 kids in my house was fun. (ages 12 weeks to 8 years). I could have been a mom of 5 and done a good job. is me who realizes God blessed me with 3 and allows me to be the child care provider of others so I can love other children besides my own....and my children can learn the love of other children outside their normal parameters of church and school.

It is not me who needs to go take a shower before my darling husband gets home but is sitting here like I have all night.

It is not me who is insanely thankful......for what God is doing. I am blessed and I do choose to be content and happy and let God bloom me where I am planted so that I can grow good fruit.

Oh and it is not me who was unbelievably thrilled to see the words "no mispellings found" when I did spell check.