Monday, June 29, 2009

Status Report

Status Report -
Sitting… at my desk thinking about what to make for lunch.

Snacking…not snacking...I am being good.

Listening…to 94.1 FM on Fish Radio Online.( Christian music.

Wondering… what in the world I am giving the kids for lunch.

Also wondering...if I can get it all done and have naptime at a decent time

Also wondering times two… if all the kids will cooperate with naptime.

Reading...A New Leaf A Cape Light Novel by Thomas Kincade and Katherine Spencer

Glad…I have joy in the journey

Tired…not to bad today

Wishing…I had some extra bucks for our vacation

Ignoring…the fly the kids let is annoying.

Enjoyed....reading with my kids this morning.

Planning my daughter's third birthday party

Thinking… she can't really be turning 3.

Also thinking…my kids are growing up way to fast.

Feeling… that my Lord has blessed me mightily.

Remembering… that I really need to figure out what to serve besides cake and icecream at the party

Realizing… that this birthday will be bitter last child is turning from a baby to a preschooler.

Ending this post…with a smile because my kids are being cute and sweet with each other.