Friday, June 19, 2009

Dear Sweet Children

Mommy loves you very much. You are joy and innocence and faith and beauty all rolled into sweet little packages that smell so good.

However, I must say......the fighting and arguing has to stop. Fighting over who gets to throw the paper away is not cool. I think perhaps you could also solve this issues yourselves without my intervention.

Leaving the toilet not flushed is NOT cool! You know to flush....just do it.

You are able to help clear the table. It isn't hard. And this too can be done without fighting. There are 5 people in the family....there is plenty to clear off and put away.

No I did not give your sister/brother a bigger piece. It just looks bigger because that is the way life is sometimes. Or if it happens to be slightly bigger it is NOT an indication of who I love best. You are each unique, beautiful creations of God and I love you all with my whole heart. You each have your own gifts and I love you for it.

Whining is not a pleasant sound. When you do that it feels like Bob the Builder is drilling with a drill inside my brain.....and can he fix that...NO he can't...only you can stop whining.

Watching the same show for the 100TH not fun. I understand you like the show but when you can quote it word for word and remember which side of the face the character got something've seen it way too many times. Get a book and read or look at the pictures or creative. You have plenty of crayons and paper.

No you may not use the water from the bathroom sink to "spring clean".....I do not like you "dusting" with wet toilet paper from the sink or finding a trail of water from the bathroom to your bedroom. And on that note....why not really clean up your room instead of pretending to spring clean?

Finally, your prayers are precious. Thank you for being you. I am glad that even though today I have a headache cause you all have been so are well enough to be naughty. I thank God that you can test your limits and give me the chance to teach you valuable lessons that will help you grow to be a mighty man and women for God. Remember......Mommy loves you to INFINITY and BEYOND.

Love Mommy