Monday, June 29, 2009

The meaning of our names

The Blog the Monster Wrangler...see my side bar...started me thinking about the meaning of our I will list them and their meanings.

My husband does not have a middle name but his name is

Michael: meaning "who is like God"

My names: Thelma: will or wish
Inez: chaste

Our oldest: Christopher: bearer of Christ
Michael: who is like God

Our Middle: Hannah: grace, favour
Rose: rose(just what it says)

Our youngest: Jennifer: White, fair, smooth
Grace: good will

Christopher has an incredible since of who he is in God and loves Jesus and has more faith than I can even describe.

Hannah is full of grace and is a sweet rose of sweetness and all about being a girl who likes her flowers.

Jennifer is our fairest child (in coloring)...our tiniest child, dainty and sweet...she is also the one who God's good will brought us after the loss of a child to miscarriage...His grace...if you will gifted us with her.

I find this incredible that their names fit them to a T!


Hope said...

How neat!

I am BIG on names. I love it that your names fit your kids so well!

Thelma said...

thanks and I think ours do pretty good...Mike strives to be like God and I guess will or wish could fit that I seek to do God's will and wish the same for my kids as I try to teach them. as for chaste....well I am married now so don't know if it fits...but I was very naive when I got married if you catch my drift and I am still naive in some things....I guess...cause I tend to see the good in people... I hope.....

thanks again