Sunday, June 7, 2009

Today was a good day

I did not keep the nursery today and actually was able to hear my husband preach. He preached on contentment in what God has given us and how the Lord will be our strength in finding that contentment. He hit me right between the eyes. And it made me think how sometimes my actions do not show that I am content with what the Lord has given me. He has equipped me to do what He has called me to do as wife, mother, babysitter, homemaker, pastor's wife. But I have to put action to those abilities. I have to work to grow what God has planted in my heart and life. I can't sit by and let it "just happen". It was a great sermon.

Then my inlaws came over for lunch. I made southern fried chicken, ranch mashed potatoes, green beans, and glazed basalmic carrots. My inlaws brought the salad and we had icecream for dessert. It was a beautiful table filled with the bounty of the Lord's blessings. It wasn't fancy but very simple but oh so good. And the fellowship was sweet.

After my inlaws left...we took a walk to burn off some calories. We visited with some neighbors and let them know we were praying for them. Their little boy fell of his bike last week and impaled himself on his bicycle handle bar 8 inches downward into his abdomen. By the grace of God there was NO internal bleeding, no infection, no perforated bowel and a hernia he had was other way to put it....fixed by the accident.....the child is walking around and his parents are having trouble keeping him still like the doctors want.

Our community...needs Jesus. So many lost souls in this apartment complex and I have decided I am going to start walking daily and on those walks...I am going to be praying....even if not aloud....claiming this neighborhood for the Lord Jesus my feet trod the pavement....I will pray for the families here......asking Jesus to bring them to Him. Praying for opportunities to be a light for Him.

After we came home...we played a simple game of a silly relay in the living room and daddy timed us all....just a spur of the moment game my son thought up....and laughter rang out.....what a joy.

Now the little one is in bed....and Mike and the kids are watching a Disney movie. I am such a blessed woman. And I may not have much in the world's definition of monetary value....but I am rich beyond description....for my blessings come from the Lord and they are many God is so good.