Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kathunk, Kathunk, kathunkity thunk............SCREAM

THAT is NOT a sound you want to hear. It means your child just fell down the stairs probably taking about 20 years off your life! Jennifer fell down the stairs today....and bonked her head. I seriously think the baby gate at the bottom saved her from further injury. She acts like nothing ever that we are several hours out from the fall....there is not a mark on her. I don't know if she will have bruises appear later or not........I do when I get bruises don't show up right away. IN any case...she appears to be fine. I guess kids bounce well. It scared me so badly I was literally shaking on the inside. Thank God He gives His angels charge over us. Because but for the grace of God this could be a very different I praise okay and not seriously injured or worse.


Hope said...

Scary. So glad God protected her!

Burkulater said...

That is scary. It happened to me once, and my son, and my sister. Hopefully, you think I'm somewhat normal. I'm sure she's okay, but it's enough to give you a minor heart-attack!

Thelma said...

thanks Yes I think you are normal....well as normal as any stay at home mom can be.....LOL. She is fine......whacked herself agian today on the head jumping on the bed....which she knows not to do and jumping off the toy box she bruised her knee.....what am I gonna do with this little girl...LOL