Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Okay going to Brag on Hubby here

Here is what he got on his review: ratings were E(excellent) A(above average) S(satisfactory) D(decreased performance) or U (unsatisfactory)

(parentheses remarks or mine..not his employers in the below comments)

Availibility: E Employee is always on time. Attendance is admirable.

Adherence to policy: E Always follows and adheres to safety regulations and company policies.

Behavior Pattern: A Overall above average. Sometimes employee overstresses problems (We knew that one...he can get way stressed out...he is working on it and has made improvements in the last few years).

Creativity: E Employee has great problem solving skills.

Depnedability: E Mike is extremely dependable

Independence: E Mike is highly independent.

Initiative: E Excellent Inititative

Interpersonal Relationships: A Mike communicates well, but sometimes does not easily accept the ideas of coworkers. (Another one we knew and he has been working on for a while...this too has improved since I first knew Mike)

Knowledge of Job: E Employee is highly competent and skillful in his job.

Productivity: E Productivity is excellent

Quality: E Quality of work is excellent.

New accomplishments since last Evalulation:

Spearheaded MTSU GAL 90 Contract and STC research (dont ask me what that means..but it means he did good..LOL)

Areas which need improvement: Do not stress problems. Be more open to ideas from others.


yup I am a proud wifey.....LOL and I think he deserves kudos..and it shows the blessings of God on His life.


Hope said...

Sounds like he deserves that raise!! =)

Thelma said...

thank you.....I think he does too. And I brag on my children all the time...figured my sweetie needs air time too...LOL. I am blessed!

Burkulater said...

Good job Mike! You do deserve a raise, I'm sure!

Thelma said...

thanks so much...yes he does!