Sunday, October 7, 2007

Why I chose a Rainbow

The Rainbow is a sign of God's promises. He promised Noah to never flood the whole earth again was the original sign of the rainbow. But to me the rainbow speaks of more of God's promises. The rainbow always comes after a rain or a storm. In our lives when we are going through hard times, we can know that somewhere there is a rainbow. That His promises are new every morning. In a world filled with bad news, politics that turn ugly, wars, the need for our soldiers to come home to their families, poverty, government waste of our resources, all manners of evil things people to do to each other, hunger that goes unresolved and so much more; we need some rainbows. I have to watch world events now, trusting God has the answers because in all I see there are no answers apart from Him. No one seems to have any answers as to how to make our world a better place, more caring, more compassionate, and more understanding of our fellowman. People are so busy trying to push agendas, make money, spend money or solve conflicts they have no real idea about they forget about compassion. In a world where hearing about bombings, earthquakes or murders is just another day of news, we need some rainbows. People are attached to every news story. People's lives are being torn apart and we spend far to much time judging them or trying to do armchair resolutions to the issues. We don't get involved, we don't pray and we often have forgotten the latest news story by the time the next show comes on. Instead, what I need to do is pray for my government, the Lord knows they need some divine help. I need to pray for the people whose lives have been changed in catastrophic ways. I need to pray for people, yes, Brittney Spears. Has anyone ever taught her how to be a mother? Does anyone love her for who she really is on the inside, the lost little girl? Does anyone care that she probably cries herself to sleep at night, grieving for the life she can't control and can't get ahold of? Has anyone really tried to help her without judgement or taking pictures? She needs a rainbow. She needs love and compassion. I see so many stories that if these people just had some love, compassion and tender loving care, perhaps their lives would be better. It is easy to judge the events of the world and know how you would do it better, but it is harder to have compassion in the circumstances to pray for those involved. I too am guilty of judging and assumptions when I should be down on my knees praying for these people. God forgive me for not praying. Maybe we can be makers of rainbows by spreading some love, compassion and prayers around. God will honor that. When we humble ourselves and pray, He will heal our land. That is what the word says. All I know is we have a war where people are dying, on both sides of the conflict and all those people need prayer. We seem to have a government run amuck with no answers to problems here or abroad and they all need prayer. As I watch the candidates line up for 2008, I have no idea who I will vote for at the moment. But I can pray. I can pray that God will somehow bring about a change that will help and not hurt. A change that will be lasting and beneficial for everyone and not just the wealthy. So I plan to spread some rainbows, even if it takes shedding some tears while I am on my knees in prayer.