Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Drama Queen

How is it that this sweet little cherubic face, shown here at around 18 months or 2 years (not sure as I am having a mommy moment)?

Can turn into this at almost 4?

Ony with much less hair(she still has little hair). The child can go from 0 to 190 in 10 seconds or less. I am not aware of some clause written into childhood that demands a little girl turning 4 must throw whing ding temper tantrums. She is a good little girl for the most part, but cross her by putting her in time out, or GASP, telling her NOT to pinch the baby and she goes ballistic. She threw a fit this morning because I told her it was jammie day and we were not going to put on church clothes. The child loves to dress up, and takes any chance she can get and more if I let her. I thought, silly Mommy, it would be fun to have a jammie day. But she was the only one NOT thrilled with the idea. Oh she got over it, but in the mean time, I needed ear plugs. So it is a right of passage for turning 4 year old little girls? So if you hear a sonic boom, it is probably only my Hannah breaking the sound barrier with the velocity of her tantrums, only this time it is because GASP............I put bubbles in her bathwater and should have known she did not want them tonight!