Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Feeling Left Out

Mike and I watched our wedding video today and Hannah kept asking where she and her brother and sister were. I told her they weren't born yet and she was not satisfied. So I told her you were all 3 twinkles in mommy and daddy's eyes. She BURST into tears and sobbed. She said:I dont want to be in your eye, I want to be in the video. So we tried to explain, but she was NOT happy in the least that she was not part of the video.

We tried to explain that God hadn't chosen to give her to mommy and daddy until later and that you had to be married first etc etc. She was not convinced and she was not happy........and is still discussing how she didn't want to be in our eye.

I can only say 1 word: PRICELESS.


Anonymous said...

That is a very cute story!! I'm sure it is so hard to understand why you didn't include her in your wedding. Hehe, kids are so cute!!

Shawna said...

That is sweet!

And I LOVE the new look of the blog!

Thelma said...

thanks Robyn.......thanks Shawna. Shawna....I am branching out, spreading my wings, well blogwise anyway......LOL. My blog is growing up....LOL