Monday, October 8, 2007

A Little about Us

I have had this blog up a while and thought perhaps it is time to let people know more about us for those of my readers who don't "know" me.

My husband and I have been married 8 years(well our anniversary). He works at a pharmace as an assistant manager and is also a licensed pastor but we do not have a church to pastor at the moment and left our 1st position as associates in July. (LONG story, not important at the moment). He is a loving husband and father and loves the Lord. He is human, forgets where the sink is and that dishes can acutally be put IN the dishwasher. But hey he does a mean load of laundry.

Our firstborn is a son, Christopher. He was born October 21, 2000. He has life threatning allergies to any kind, form, component of dairy, eggs and peanuts. He has asthma and has an oral sensory disorder that further limits his diet. He is very small. Part of this is simple genetics and part due to his diet. He is still wearing 3t-4t clothes, weights about 32 lbs maybe 33 if we are lucky. He is short in height as well. Most people think he is 3 years old, until he opens his mouth. He is very bright, very energetic and has more faith in his little finger than I can describe. We have almost lost him to death on several occasions due to his medical issues. But God raised him up and returned him to us. He loves school, hotwheels, robots and all those little boy things.

Our second child, Hannah, was born November 14, 2003. She is all girl. Thankfully she has no medical issues. She likes to play princess and tea party. She likes to pray for people and sing praise songs. She loves church and her favorite song is Jesus loves me. She is very verbal and carries on long elaborate converstations with people. She used to be really shy, and while not quite as outgoing as her brother, she is friendly and gregarious. She makes friends easily and has deep compassion for others. She wants to be a nurse teacher princess when she grows up. She loves learning and wants to attend school so badly, but wants her school to have sparkles on it. She too is like the sunshine, so bright and happy and full of life and love. She is small as well and (at almost 4) wears a 2T-3T.

Our 3rd child and last, was born July 8, 2006. She is a power house of energy, verbalosity and mischief. She can already speak in some sentences, which quite frankly freaks your brain out. She is a good mixture of the other two and thinks she can keep up with them. She has had minor health issues and had her adenoids removed this past July. She is petite as well and wears 3-6 months and some 6-9 months clothes. She is a drama queen and will probably win the academy award for tantrums when told the word NO. She is shy with strangers and prefers mommy and daddy to all others, especially daddy. There is NO ONE like her daddy to her. She loves babies and animals and will stop in her tracks when she sees either. In the nursery, if another baby, and it is crying she will try and comfort that baby. She likes both boy toys and girl toys and really LOVES her brothers toys if she can get into them. She is not afraid of heights! Not necessarily a good thing cause she is turning into a real climber. She makes that runs everywhere.

All 3 of our children are very loving and generally obedient. They are respectful of others for the most part. They all love church and the Lord(well as much as they can at thier respective ages). They bring joy to our lives.

My husband and I hope to pastor a church some day where he is the head pastor. We are letting God bring that about in His time.

We have a happy, normal marriage with life's ups and downs. I am a stay at home mom which makes the income even tighter. But we trust God. I tend to be a worried and God is working on that in me. God has brought us through so many harships and trials. The key word is THROUGH. He is our source, our strength and the center of our home. Without our Lord I do not know how we would make it in the world we live in. So there you have it, a tiny snap shot of our family.


Mommy Reg said...

How fun to read. It's nice getting to know you.

Fresh Brewed Faith said...

So good to get you know a little more!

Thelma said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Thelma. Thanks for leaving a few comments on my blogs. I tried to e-mail you last weekend but it came back to me. I would love to talk about your son's peanut allergy and other allergies and how you have managed these. My son is allergic to milk, eggs & peanuts. The peanut one freaks me out! I would love some input on how you have taught you son to deal with it in a way that he understands at a young age. My son is going to be 3 in January. My e-mail is robynadamsATgmailDOTcom. Thanks!!

Thelma said...

thanks and I would love to chat with you too. I will email you, not sure why the email came back....but my server can't always be relied on....LOL. but I had an older email on my blog log that is no longer in existence, may be why......I was just able to correct the error.