Friday, October 5, 2007

If I had known

If I had known it was the last time I would speak to you, the phone call would have lasted longer. If I had known it was the last time we would hug, I would have embraced longer. So many times we go through life, busy and in a rush. Never realizing that we are taking each other for granted, or to be more precise, taking life for granted. Tomorrow is not a guarantee. What do I want the people I love to know? My husband and I make it a point to always say I love you if we leave each other for even a short trip to the grocery. Because you never know what will happen. Those little things my children do that are irritating; I try hard not to let them get on my nerves. There are so many mothers who wish their child was healthy enough to be naughty. There are many mothers whose empty arms ache to hold a child gone to be with the Lord. There are many women whose hubands will not come home because they are soldiers or policemen or in some way laying their lives on the line for others. There are people who just take a run down to the grocery and don't come back. Not trying to be morbid, just trying to say life is precious, life is short. We need to not just make the most of it, we need to make the best of it. We need to sew seeds of love, compassion and kindness. We need to let our friends and family know how much they mean to us. We need to get past our embarrassment and say "I love you". Too many times I get irritated with my children and tell them to stop annoying me. Then I have to repent, because while their behavior is annoying at times, they are not annoying. They are precious, sweet children who are just that children. They act like children, the speak like children and they do childish things. They are supposed to do that. Even with my husband, I realize I let the little annoying things get in the way; instead of appreciating the little good things he does. He changes diapers without even thinking. If he sees it needs to be changed he just does it. Sometimes, no, he can't seem to find the dishwasher, but he NEVER fails to say I love you or give me a pat on the bottom as he passes, or a quick kiss. He is loving and kind. He adores me and his children. He never calls us names or berates us like I have seen some men do. He does not demand that I "serve him" but does try to make my job easier. So instead of complaining about the little things I need to appreciate them, because who knows when I will wish "If I had known".......I would have done or said something different.


Anonymous said...

how beautiful, and true. thanks for the perspective regarding the little ones. i often think how blessed i am to have four little ones around me, yet i also get annoyed. i need to remember they are children, and not little adults. thanks for a great post! i would like to link to this post if i can figure it out!!
:) {{{hugs}}}

Thelma said...

thanks.....I have to remind myself sometimes, DAILY that they are children and are going to do childish things.......being a parent is hard work and it takes more patience than we have sometimes.

Fresh Brewed Faith said...

thank you for the reminder