Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What Is It(from Jennifer)

that lurks in the dark and scares little baby girlswho is this evil fiend that when you visit your grandma and grandpa and get in the bed with mommy and daddy scares you so if you sit up in the bed. This evil fiend is the scariest of scary and I do not ever want to see this site again. I only wanted to sleep with mommy and daddy but everytime I wanted to turn over there it was....that evil shadowy scary, that moved when I moved and seemed to watch everything I did. Babies of the world unite against this shadowy creature that lives in the dark and hangs out at the head of the mommy will tell you what it was cause I cant stand to speak of it again
Love Jennifer

it was....................Jennifer's reflection in the head board mirror........LMBO. She couldnt sleep so we put her in bed with us cause we were in a strange place. Then ever so often, she would sit up and scream bloody murder. Dh ended up sleeping with her on the couch.......LOL. Finally in the wee hours just before he moved to the couch we figured it out. They have a small mirror inlayed in the head board of the bed we were in. She would catch a glimpse but it was too dark for her to see it was herself.......she only saw movement...and it scared her...she kept checking and it kept scaring her. poor baby...but oh how funny...........LOL


Fresh Brewed Faith said...

Oh poor little thing - I'm 37 and still do that to myself lol

Thelma said...

yeah........the mirror in the bathroom at night gets me, dark no glasses on, you get the picture.......LOL