Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Days 57 and 58--Remember when

Not much going on here on the home front the last two days.......well maybe a little going on.  My friend came over yesterday and she and I talked about the Lord.  It is wonderful to talk about our Lord with a friend.  We had planned to get outside but it was just way too hot.  The kids were fine with that.

Today the kids and I went to Walmart after I spent part of the morning with a headache.  Then Hannah became ill with some kind of tummy thing while at Walmart.  Poor girl was so embarrassed, she made it to the bathroom at the store but just barely. We had to make a mad dash from aisle avoid a clean up on aisle 10, with the grocery cart and me saying excuse me, excuse me and hang on baby hang on as we ran down the aisle to the closest bathroom. The employee,sitting on a bench, gave my sympathetic eyes as I rushed my child into the bathroom, upon which said child locked me out of the stall. She wanted to do it herself.  We were able to check out and get home and get meds in her.  Just one of those experiences that will become a funny adventure in growing up one day. She will say "do you remember the time I got sick at Walmart".  LOL.  She loves remember when stories.  Tell me about when I was little Mama.......and I am thinking you are still little sweetheart.  They all love remember when.............walks down memory lane.

They equally love stories about Mike and I when we were kids. Every chance they get, they ask their grandparents "Tell me about when".............and laugh and laugh over us being kids and the silly things we did. So I write these stories down on the chapters of my heart and  on Facebook and on my blog, LOL and one day they will love sharing them with their own kids.  There of course will be a time, we dare not breath a word of the remember when. Once we have weathered that passage they will relish, once again in remember when.

So here she is, sleeping peacefully now, curled up with her faithful friend Toto........the peaceful sleep of an innocent child and these are the remember whens I will treasure.