Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer--Day 69--Baby steps and thankfulness for God's blessings.

Chris took a baby step today in his quest to walk in his healing from sensory issues.  He is a work in progress, trying to balance faith and fear of the new.  He is 12. He isn't trying to disregard what God has done, but is trying to come to terms with what it means and what the Lord requires of him. That is not easy for an adult, much less a 12 year old boy who has more faith in his little toe than most people have in a life time.

Chris trying to taste a cherry.

Tonight I kept the nursery for our church's Music and Media fellowship. It was fun. My kids were there for a bit but then Mike picked them up and took them home. That left me with 6 kids.  We had a great time. These are great kids.  They played, they laughed, they watched movies and were very good kids.  

Obviously I can't post their pictures without permission but I took some to be sent to the parents.  As I drove home from work, I realized something. I really, really enjoyed it.  This being a nursery director and all the tasks it involves is a part time job. However, it was so rewarding.  I felt like a Mom who went to "work" enjoyed it with all my heart. I am so thankful for this job.  God is allowing me to walk in my calling for working with kids. It is my heart and my heart is filled with joy.  I am so thankful for a "job" that is fun. God is so good.

I am so thankful for His goodness. He is faithful in the little things and the big things. My God is good and I am so thankful for His many blessings.


Jennifer said...

Working with children is so wonderful. It is just what I envision you doing Thelma. Not only are you lucky, those little ones are blessed <3 to have you there. You are such a kind, sweet, nurturing and loving soul.

Did Chris like the cherry? Kudos to him for at least trying.

Thelma Strobl said...

Thank you so much. You blessed my heart. No he didn't like it. I don't know if he gave himself enough of a bite to know...but hey progress is progress.