Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer day 41........Mommy date

I have a story book for my children that is called "Let's go on a Mommy Date"  by Karen Kingsbury.

I love that book.  The Niblets love me to read it to them.  Today Jenny and I were able to go on a Mommy date.  Watching her glow with excitement and complete and utter joy was priceless. She enjoyed every second of the movie, even before it started and they were just playing the stuff they play to fill the time between the last showing and when your movie starts.  She watched with complete enjoyment. There was a scene where the father gets separated from the family. She gripped my hand and bit her lip.  Then when it ended just the right way, she clapped her hands and smiled the biggest smile.  Her whole body and being was into the movie. All her senses were taking it in.  I watched the movie and I watched her enjoy our shared popcorn and soda.  I watched her face as she watched some of the scenes. It was amazing.  You could see what she was thinking, almost like she had a bubble over her head, LOL.  She had no inhibitions of showing emotion where it was appropriate or laughing at the funny parts.  That is how we should enjoy life.......with full and complete joy, even in the "scarier" parts (the movie wasn't scary, but you know what I mean).  Hopefully in the next few weeks I can take each child on some kind of Mommy Date.  

It has been a great day.

This was before the movie actually started during the stuff the show in between shows.  She was laughing at the funny parts of that....and having a ball.