Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Day 47---Jenny's Bday Letter.

Dear Jenny:
Seven years ago you came into our lives.  God graced us with you after we lost a baby who now lives in heaven waiting to meet us there.  So we put Grace in your name because God in His love and Grace gave you to us.  The night before you were born you turned a complete somersault in my womb.  Unknown to us at that time you got yourself in a heap of trouble. You settled down after that but we didn't know that meant DANGER.  The next morning Mommy went into labor. Daddy left around noon to go pick up your Oma and Opa from the airport.  I had been in labor since 3 A.M. but the doctor said to wait it out.  While Daddy was gone, Mommy's water broke. I'll explain that one day when you are a bit older. Anyway, I knew instantly something was wrong because indications from that said you were in trouble.  I called a friend and she took me to the hospital while Daddy drove like a crazy man from Tampa to Lakeland. He basically grabbed Oma and Opa as soon as they disembarked from the plane on the run and said  "let's go Thelma is in labor and her water broke and it is not good".

In the mean time, I got to the hospital and the labor pains were definitely stronger.  They hooked me up to monitors and stuff and at that moment you were needing to be watched but they said they could try and wait for your Daddy to get there but if anything changed they'd take me back without him there to get you out.  They were concerned but not panicked. Mommy was praying like crazy. Daddy made the trip from Tampa to Lakeland way faster than he should have. He basically threw Oma and Opa, Chris and Hannah out of the car and took off.  He was so scared.  He was praying hard and had called everyone to pray.

He got there in time. Praise God.  They took me back and when they took you out they found out you WERE in trouble. You had the cord wrapped around your neck three times and a true knot in it. How you survived they "did not know". They wouldn't let you cry for a few minutes while they cleaned out your mouth and  nose.  Then when you cried.........I cried. It was the most beautiful sound in all the world.  You were so tiny.  All 5 and half pounds of you.......a little under 19 inches.  So tiny, so perfect, so beautiful.

The doctor came in later and told Mommy and Daddy how worried they were about you. You weren't breathing right and they were going to probably have to put you in intensive care. We called our pastor, our friends, family, everyone and asked them to pray.  They had you in the nursery for a long time. Then they brought you back.

The doctor said "you know I was so worried about your baby. She was looking so sick and THEN SUDDENLY everything changed. We don't know what happened.  We didn't do anything".  Daddy said "I know what happened, prayer"  The doctor said "I believe you".

So you see. my princess, you truly are a miracle. We have watched you grow over these years into a beautiful little girl who loves Jesus with all her heart, mind, body and soul. Your faith astounds me and is a testimony to so many. I can't put into words what your precious faith is like.  You don't doubt Jesus. You have never doubted Jesus.  At 3, you used to put your hand on your heart and then hand people something and say "here is you some Jesus".  You were sharing Jesus when you were three, without shame and with utter joy.  I can't tell you the times that simple,sweet gesture touched the hearts of others.

You asked Jesus into your heart at age 4 when your brother asked you if He lived in your heart. You said no. I said do you want to? You said yes cause I do sin and I need Jesus to clean it up.  There in a MacDonald's drive through you asked Jesus into your heart. It was so sweet and so precious.

You have grown by leaps and bounds in the Lord.  It amazes me. You have seen angels and you have told me that you have seen Jesus.  I believe you. Your faith is so pure and I wish that we as adults had that faith.

You have grown so much, You can read well and you can do so many things independently that I love when you slip your little hand into mine and just leave it there. You smell like strawberries and water melon. You like dolls and cars.  You are truly our Sunshine girl and we love you

Keep your eyes on Jesus, sweetheart. He is going to do great and mighty things in your life and use you to touch people for His kingdom.

Love Mommy