Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer--Days 49-50 chores and popsicles

Day 49 was really not much to write about....kind of boring and busy with chores.  Add to it my energy was at an all time I am putting two days together.

The last couple of days we have been getting ready for Jenny's birthday party on Saturday.  I want the house to look its best and be able to spend the day Saturday not having to rush, so I can decorate and the like.

My helpers have been pretty good.

Cleaning and folding and yes this room has more to go but she is doing good

Hannah using a stool to dust the top of her dresser..........

And Chris has to us a stool to put away dishes........

But they are doing so good and have definitely earned their Popsicle breaks:

With two lemonade Popsicles and one cherry.........they are happy campers.

I am proud to say we only have a few things left to go and my list of things to be done will be complete.  I am proud of the kids and their attitudes.  They love to help and they have done such a good job.  It makes a Mama proud.