Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer--Day in the harvest

My little garden is dying.  Even though they had good drainage, I fear between critter tampering (something lay on my squash plants and damaged them and the chipmunk at some more roots), and all the rain my wee plants could not stand up to it. The last few days of hot, hot, hot weather, no amount of water seems to have been enough.  In any case they are dying.

However, my children were thrilled to see three green beans on the plants.

The enjoyed our wee harvest and found great joy in it. I pray the Lord sees fit to take our meager garden and get something more out of it.  However, just watching my children take joy in the harvest made me think of how we should take joy in the harvest of souls. We should rejoice in any harvest of souls, be it small or large. One life touched for Jesus matters. One heart changed for Jesus matters. It isn't about the number, but it is about doing the harvest. It is about showing the love of Jesus to ever soul. It does not matter the color of their skin, the beliefs they hold or what "sin" we think they have  committed.

The thing that matters most is LOVE. HIS LOVE and how He would have approached that lost soul. He did not see our sin, but He saw our potential in Him. When He met that woman at the well, He knew what her sin was. He did not shy away, but He offered her the gift water that never would run dry.  That is love and that is what the harvest is all about-------whether it is one soul or 1000s, every last one of them matters to Jesus and ever last one of them should matter to us. We should find joy in any harvest.