Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer--days 67 and and shopping

Yesterday was Sunday. The Lord's day, as I have said before, my favorite day of the work.  I love seeing my children worship the Lord. They do so of their own free will. There is no pressure to "perform" and they aren't "brain washed". They have made their own decisions to serve the Lord. I was once accused by a non believer of brain washing my children.  My answer to that is that teaching your children about the Word of God, values and taking them to church is not brain washing. We help our children become educated in academics. We teach them history based on our history books. We teach them math based on our mathematical concepts, yet that is not brain washing. It is simply teaching. We can give our children all the basics in academics but we can't make them learn.  By the same token, we can give them the Word of God, take them to church, pray with them and love them like Jesus would, but we can NOT make them believe. We encourage, and even push them forward in academics.  When it comes to faith we encourage but we do not PUSH or SHOVE them to believe.  If we did so, it would not be their choice.

So yesterday I watched my Jenny praise Jesus and later that day I watched her all of her own accord go forward to the altar to pray. She didn't ask, she just did it. She chose to seek the Lord just as other were. She knelt there for a long time.  Her sister joined her at one point, hand on her little back praying with and for her. No one asked them to do this, they chose to from their own little hearts filled with faith. It was precious.

Praising Jesus during praise and worship, Sunday Morning.

Praying at the altar........a friend close by.....

Hannah moved with love for her sister, praying with Jenny.

Jenny answering questions by Pastor Emily about her recent birthday party.....the one Jenny chose to be Jesus themed.  Her sweet act of love and faith for her beloved Jesus touches hearts. I know it touched mine. I know that I know it touched the heart of God.

Today we went to the grocery store and my kid were so helpful.  They love to help me and they like to be with me when I buy groceries.  I realize that all too soon, they will be grown. I cherish the moments I have with them. I cherish the daily tasks I get to do with them, because all too soon  they will grow up and be doing this all on their own. I will miss the little hands next to mine as we push the shopping buggy together.  I will miss the things they get enthralled over that seems no big deal to me. MOM........look at this...isn't it cool.  Yes, the amazement of childhood. I choose to enjoy it with them.

Eyeing the candy and snacks on the shelf.........wishing and hoping and dreaming...

Mom it's a pet laser.  Yes, but we don't have a pet can I get one it use it with y'all. ( I said kiddingly,).  Yes, yes Mom.....that would be a great idea.  I will take them up on it another day. Today I was not in my budget plans.

Helping me put groceries in the car.........ahh yes, I have trained them well (wink, wink). LOL

And yes my girls have blue in their hair. Jenny received some "hair paint" from Pastor Emily for her birthday and she chose to share with her sister. I say blue hair or not, kids are only kids once, let them have sparkles and blue hair.  All too soon this will not be something they wish to do and it's just hair. Paint washes out, memories are forever.