Thursday, July 4, 2013

Summer Day 43......Freedom and dancing in the rain

Happy 4th of July. Let us be thankful for freedom.  Freedom to worship as we choose. Freedom to  live in peace and happiness and yes........freedom to dance in the rain, play in the mud or just do some grilling.  Family time is priceless and a treasure.  Freedom to love, freedom to laugh, freedom to grow in love...............thank you Lord for Freedom.

Draining the rain out of the swing

A little mud, a little rain...a lot of fun

I am loving the rain and mud Mommy. A girly girl CAN like mud you know.

Chris........."uh no thanks, no mud here"

To squirt or not squirt your sister...that is the question.

After a wardrobe change...Daddy gained a grilling partner.

The Grill Master at work.

Followed up by some more dancing in the rain.

My heart is full and the day is almost done...there is lots of laundry to do, but hey they had fun and it was a great day.  Great is His faithfulness unto us.