Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer Day 42---the camper returns and sick day.......

Chris hasn't felt well today and neither have I nor Mike for that matter. Nothing major but we are taking it easy this evening.

Hannah returned from camp, much to Jenny's joy................

This is the purest of love................a little sister for her big sister. Showing pure, unbridled joy.  
Really makes me think of how we take each other for granted.  We should have this type of joy for our family, this type of love and never, ever take each other for granted. Easier said than done.  I thank God for my family, for the love that binds us together and that Jesus is our foundation. I am so thankful Jesus called to us and we answered and put our trust in Him.  It isn't lost on me that we could have made a different choice, walked a different road, but that God has always been our foundation.  Lord, let me look to you with this type of joy and love.  May I treat others with the kindness and love that runs through the veins of these children and share it so that it bubbles over like the joy and love you see bubbling over in these pictures.