Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Days--55 and laid plans

I had all these plans for the summer..........plans to do this and that. Plans to go here or there. Most of them did  not come about.  We have been busy, we have had fun, but the plans I set out at the beginning of summer did not come to fruition.

Oh I had the temptation to be all disappointed and the enemy of our souls tried to whisper to my mind that I had failed or I had promised and not delivered. All these accusations.  Yet, my kids are happy. They have had a good summer. We have read together, cuddled, camped on the porch, played in water and so much more. To their words "We are having the best summer EVER"  Who do I answer to when I make plans?  Do I answer to the plans I made? Or, I look at what we have done, the memories we have made and realize plans are just that PLANS. They do not have to be set in stone. The accomplishment of those plans does not have to be perfect. So I will go on with our summer and enjoy the days we have left and I will make some more memories.  I will take some pictures and some snap shots with my heart because the people that count the most..............are having a great time.