Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer--Day 48--working and playing together.....

Mike and I are trying to get stuff ready for Jenny's party on Saturday. We are getting the deck ready and all cute and stuff.

The girls are trying out the seating arrangements for an kids in attendance.

We do have some grown up chairs too but those are more boring. 

We had a pile of leaves at he bottom of the drive way that has become a mush pit with this last week of rain. So disgusting...great compost though.  Put some on my garden.  But Jenny and Hannah took pictures of us working together.........me in all my sweaty glory...LOL.  However, I figure it is good for the kids to see Mommy and Daddy working together as a team, even if I look grubby and grimy...I wash.............I clean up good.  LOL

Then Mike and I sat on the deck and rested and joked around and chilled.  Working, together, joking together, and playing together it is all good.  So let your kids see you.........having fun........working together and playing together. It is good for kids to see.  Now hopefully we can have some sun to turn the mush pit into a dry place to get this pool set up.