Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer--days 62-63--- Arts, crafts and marshmallow people..

We have don this and that the last couple of days. The kids are into arts and crafts as always. Chris is painting his dinosaur model white because after all bones are white

The girls have each made pictures and crafts and presented the to a gift.

Hannah made me a scrap book and sand art.  As of now I have 7 different little things with sand art in them. I guess I have a collection of sand art.  One day all of these things will be as priceless to my kids as they are to me.

Jenny painted a picture with smiling flowers, heart clouds and a flying "lady bug butterfly". In her world, clouds are shaped like hearts and flowers are filled with joy so they small. If only we viewed life through a child's eyes. Our clouds could be shaped like hearts our flowers would smile and we could have lady bug butter flies.  

These treasures may not be worth a lot to some, they hold no worldly value............but to me.......
they are more precious than diamonds or rubies. They are gifts of love. Christopher's interest in dinosaurs and making it look so realistic is a gift to. A gift of his bright mind wanting to make things better.  
Great is the Lord's faithfulness because it shows in the very lives, thoughts and ideas of my children.

Edited to add the marshmallow people because I forgot them. How could I forget the marshmallow people my girls made and promptly ate.