Monday, January 4, 2010

I accomplished stuff today

I am giving myself the good job award for day 1 of goals accomplished. Yay Me! I reorganized the toys I use in the living room with the kids I will be babysitting twice per week starting Wednesday. I rearranged some wall hanging and set up the play yard for the baby I will be watching.

Then I tackled the girls room. It is amazing how valuable little trinkets we think are trash are to our kids. I was able to convince them to weed it out and I was able to rid their room of trash and outgrown toys. We made some choices and they have given some stuff to Goodwill. I am proud of them. Then I rearranged the furniture in their rooms. It looks good.

Now I am paying for it. My hands and fingers and knuckles are very swollen and painful. I don't know it it is the fact it is 16 degrees outside or if I did to much. I didn't hurt myself but my hands are so swollen and aching. Please do not tell me, arthritis is coming to call. I am only 42!

Christopher's room will have to wait until another day. I reached my limit today and wanted to do a thorough job. It took me all day, but I am proud of me. I am working on new chore and incentive charts for the children so they will keep up their rooms. Today the girls put away their own laundry. Is it as neat as I would? Of course not, but they did it. I am proud of the attitude they had. Although, during part of the cleaning process, my girls were very Diva-ish as they surveyed me doing all the work and not doing a thing. We soon remedied that situation.

My husband is cooking up some burgers hands just ache to much. I had to make at least one post in order to reach my goal. So as soon as I finish this my hands are on a break until I need to wash up the dishes.

Accomplishment....feels good. I am working towards my goals. I also figure I at least burned some good calories today thus accomplishing my exercise goals as well. (Go Me)...LOL.


Burkulater said...

Sounds like a productive day to me! I really like Mondays. For some reason, I get more accomplished on Mondays than any other day of the week!

Thelma said...

Maybe that will be my best day too....LOL.

monkeygirl3679 said...

im so sorry your hands took a beating but good job! (((HUGS)))

Thelma said...

thanks. My hands are feeling some better today.