Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Morning Musings

(Having issues with blogger, post may or may not show up and does not have paragraph spacing as I selected. I will remove this disclaimer when blogger decides to correct itself.)
I sit here sipping coffee, while the girls finish breakfast. They were dilly dallying. Mike and Christopher are upstairs getting showers and such. Christopher will pretend to shave with his Daddy. He still loves to do that.
I will go up and get dressed shortly. It doesn't take me as long as my husband for some reason. We try to keep Sundays quiet and peaceful. That does not always work, but we try. Sometimes, we let them watch cartoons, sometimes not. A lot depends on their attitudes. So far today, everyone has had a great attitude. So this is a shout out to my family....."Way to go guys"!
Today Hannah will perform with her drama/dance/praise team the Forerunners in church. She will show praise to her Lord. I can not wait. This will the the first time we have seen her do it. This is the Jr Forerunners debut in front of the whole church. I am as excited as she is. When she does the practice you can see sheer and utter praise on her wee face. She loves her Lord. I can only imagine what my daughter has in store for her life.
It is bitterly cold outside, so this Mama is wearing a pants suit to church. My Jennifer wants to wear a dress so we will put stockings on her and hope she doesn't get to cold between house and car and car and church. Hannah must wear jeans as part of her Forerunner "uniform".
I will post pictures and perhaps a video later of my daughter.
As I watch my children blossom in the things of the Lord, I pray God will keep them on this path. That when they are old they will not depart from it. God is faithful. I see His hand on the hearts and lives of my children and I am in awe. God is good all the time.