Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dear Lady at the doctor's office

Do you realize you made my day? When I was calling Jennifer to come and that it was time to go, you watched.

(Jennifer was playing with a video game they had in the waiting room. She did not want to leave. I said Jennifer that is one, then had to do that is two and finally Jennifer that is it, it is time to go. Just in a firm, no nonsense tone. Jennifer pouted but she came and I said you need a new attitude young lady, please find it, or something to that effect).

You said, dear ,kind, older lady, Good job you handled that well" I smiled and said thank you, but I wonder if you really know how much that made my day. You noticed a Mom doing something right and you made a comment on it. You hear all the time about people putting other women down about their parenting, but you my kind lady were so sweet. Thank you. I do not know you and will never see you again, but you made my day. Thank you.
A Mom who every once in a while needs an atta girl too.