Sunday, January 24, 2010

Take time to pause

I go upstairs after putting the girls to bed. I hear their chatter and am about to correct them and tell them in no uncertain terms "Go to bed and Go so Sleep". I paused for just a moment and listened. Here is what I heard. They were singing their own songs, praise songs, they made for Jesus.

Hannah: I love Jesus, He lives in my heart. (She sang it over and over, so sweetly).

Jennifer: I got treasure, I got treasure, I got treasure...I pray to Jesus (She too singing it over and over so sweetly)

They were singing it in tune with their lullaby music box thingy. It was so precious. I am so glad I did not go rushing in. I am so glad I paused, and listened. For in taking time to pause, I heard nothing but sweet, precious innocence singing to the Lord.

And that was my treasure for all of time. When Mary pondered things in her heart, I bet it felt just like what I heard my girls doing. Such joy, such love, such wonder to hear my babies praising their Jesus.


Burkulater said...

I love when mine are singing too!

Thelma said...

It is so beautiful isn't it?