Monday, January 18, 2010

The Heart of a Champion

My son has it that is. He is 9 years old. Saturday we dropped some stuff off at Goodwill and he asked can it go to the people in Haiti and I said not honey it doesn't go to the Haitian people, and he was staring out the car window deep in thought. Suddenly he starts sobbing. I ask what's wrong. He said Mommy, I am just to upset about Haiti, it's awful. People died and they don't have water and food and the kids and people are hurt. I want to give my money to the people in Haiti, pulls out the 5 dollars he has in his pocket and hands it to me. My little so moved by the people in Haiti he could not speak. He wants to find a way to raise money for the Haitian people. My little boy is so tender hearted and precious.

Also last night we were watching a movie about Rosa Parks. It was not a violent movie but it did talk about what was going on at the time. He is old enough to watch it and we watched it with him. He said Mommy if I had lived then, I would have told those mean people they were wrong and I'd have made a difference cause I'd have helped Mr. King make a difference cause we are all special and God created us all and it is just wrong to be mean to people like that. I'd have stood up for them. My sweet boy.....can i be more proud.....he truly does have the heart of a champion.