Friday, January 8, 2010

Frosty Frigid Friday

It is so cold! We had another snow day with no snow, but I am glad. It is bitterly cold. The kids and I have really done nothing today. It was one of those deliciously, lazy days. I think everyone needs to take a day once in a while and do nothing. Although, there are some who think that no one should take this kind of day. I laugh at that option. We have had a peace filled relaxed day. I think my kids have enjoyed it. I know I have.

The kids have been very good today. No real arguing, have been obedient and sweet. I love bragging on my kids. I like to catch them being good. They love that too. They grow up so fast and these lazy days will not always be here. One day, they will have places to go and people to see. Mommy will be left in the dust of their whirlwinds. So, today, I enjoy that my children are happy to be home with Mommy. They don't have to go and "do something" to be happy. They are content just with Mommy. Of course, it goes without saying, it would have been even better if Daddy could have had a snow day too.

So tonight, we may order pizza and Christopher have a hamburger. Seems like a great night for pizza. I'll have to check the budget, but maybe just maybe we can do that.

So.....I am off to laze around some more.


Thelma said...

Scratch the pizza is NOT in the budget this week. day.....God will bring us out of these hard times and let us walk in an easier place. I believe that. Just once in my life, I'd like to not have to worry about the budget. (sigh). Okay enough whining....praise God we have a warm house and food on the table. May not be what we want exactly but, it is food. Now I am going to go have my pity party so I can feel a bit better.

Burkulater said...

Sounds like a good day to me!

Thelma said...

it started out that way the kids got ornery later on and were sent to bed early for their troubles..LOL