Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bringing order back to the house

Yes, it is time. Time to take down the Christmas decorations and bring order back to the house. I love Christmas and the decorations. However, I also like it when things return back to normal. The kids would love to leave it up all year around. They don't get that it would soon lose it's fun if they saw it all the time. Yet, they have a point. Some people bring out Christmas once a year and put it away when the season is over. Yet, shouldn't Christmas, the love of Christmas, the generosity of Christmas, the Jesus of Christmas, remain out and used all year. We can't put it on a shelf or in a box. We can't store it away.

Christmas is not once a year. Without Christmas there would be no Easter and no Thanksgiving. For it is because of Christmas we have everything.

As we box it away I am reminded that my children carry the faith of Christmas in their hearts ALL the time. Their love, their generosity and their faith is pure.

I have much to do this next week. I will begin babysitting again and need to come up with a new schedule. I want to fit in exercise as well as find a better house cleaning schedule. I have to figure in my babysitting days as well. Bringing order may take a week or so as we get back into the swing of normal life.