Saturday, June 9, 2007

Summer time summer time, summer summer summer time

Should I or should I not, run back in that is kind of cold.

Okay so yeah, this IS fun......hmm, what happens when you do this?

This is so much fun

Woohoo this is so much fun come on lets play all day

You two play all you want.....I dont like the cold, thanks but no thanks I will just watch

and I aint touching the grass with my feet there.


Shawna said...


Oh the joys of being so young and free!

Deana1979 said...

OMG Howwwwww cute!!!!!!

Thelma said...

thanks yall...........and yeah young and free. you will NOT see me out there in my bathing suit for all of the town to say the associate pastor's wife was on her lawn in a bathing suit and "you should have seen all that cellulite".......LMBO.

Tinamtl said...

I can't even walk by a sprinkler without Ari having a fit. She hates them!!!!! Good for hannah

Thelma said...

So did Hannah in the beginning. Now she loves it. But now we have the wading pool and the giraffe had squirts water but she can control that more. First few times with the sprinkler though she just sat and watched....she was TERRIFIED.