Monday, June 25, 2007

Ramblings from a tired mommy brain

I was supposed to take Jennifer for her ENT appointment today but Hannah puked all over everywhere last night and I did NOT want to risk driving 2 hours with a sick child. Turns out, she is fine and has been all day. LOL. She threw up because she was upset is what we figured out. Last night we had a family game night at the church. Afterwards while we were cleaning up and such she was pushing Jennifer in her umbrella stroller around the gym. Suddenly we hear the baby scream and she is face down on the gym floor still in her stroller. Hannah is freaking trying to get the baby up but of course she can't. Mike is faster and reached them first and freaked Hannah out even more by picking her up and almost flinging her out of the way he was so panicked. Hannah freaked out. The pastor's wife and I comforted Hannah while Mike checked out the baby. She has a large bump on her head(same spot she hit a few weeks ago) and a busted lip but is fine. She quieted a lot sooner than Hannah. Hannah kept saying "I sorry, sisty is so sorry"........poor baby was so upset, she apologized all night. So we stayed home today.

I haven't felt good all day......just a bad month if you know what I mean. I think I need iron supplements. I am dizzy, tired and weak. And not been hungry. So I am taking it easy.

For those of you who are watching the websit about Baby Kaleb, the baby suffering from shaken baby syndrome; it was just on our news. The day care providers says she is innocent and she will prove it in court etc etc. It showed part of his web site on the news and pictures of him and said he is still gravely ill. When it came on......I was shocked cause I recognized it. Anyway, keep praying for him, he is still fighting and trying to get past the severe brain injury. It makes you you really thankful for healthy kids.

I really dont have anything to say. I am a bit lonely for my sister and mom. I can't wait til the end of July when I get to see them. My heart aches for them. Sometimes, I just wish they lived here.

My kids are doing good. They are sweet, well behaved, smart kids and I am so proud of them. I love my dear husband even if he can't figure out where the sink is, LOL. I am a blessed woman and appreciate all God has given me and done for me.


Deana1979 said...

(((HUGS)))) hope Jennifer is ok! And Hannah too! I know what you feel on missing mom. I miss mine dearly!

Thelma said...

Thanks Deana. They are both fine now. Just now they were playing "dolly" together. It was so cute. Jennifer actually put the dolly in the doll high chair and then started poking its eyes...LOL. But they were playing together. I got pictures.....LOL. Now if I can get my computer to cooperate and upload them...LOL. My mom is excited about the visit too. And we are not having Jennifer's real bday party until vacation just so she can be there. She will have a cake on her bday day but not a party. But she will not know the difference...LOL.