Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Let It Be Known

Henceforth and Forevermore, that my children shall not be allowed to have a tummy virus at the same time! It all started Sunday night when Jennifer started throwing up. We took her to the ER simply because the night before she had fallen and had a nasty bump on the head. We did not want to risk it being something else. They dismissed us after a clear cat scan with a diagnosis of either a slight concussion or a virus. She puked all night long unti 5 am. Finally, she stopped and all was well, or so I thought. Mike is sent home from work because he was sick but he slept all day and was fine. So I thought, yay, we are done because no one else seemed to be ill. Then it happened. Last night we were preparing to go out and Hannah says "I need to choke". What I said and she runs to the bathroom and pukes in the toilet (quite impressive for a 3 year old I think..LOL). The she says "Mommy, I not feel so good anymore" and proceeds to run back to the bathroom to throw up. So me and the girls stay home and Mike goes out with Christopher. While out, Christopher gets sick at Walmart. So I have one kid puking at home and Mike is driving home with another kid who is at danger of puking again at any moment. He said he rode the side of the road in case he had to stop quick. He gets home and the real "FUN" began. Mike had to go back out to get some stuff from the store. I had one child in 1 bathroom and 1 in the other both crying for me cause they are puking and wanting Mommy's hand on their forehead and tummy. I can not split in two. So I ran back and forth between them. Mike get's home and we split the toilet brigade duty. Then, Jennifer puked all over her play pen......YIKES this was getting seroius FAST. Fortunately we figured out the reason Jennifer puked is she guzzled her bottle and put to much to fast in her wee little tummy that was still getting over being sick. All night this went on......sometimes they were sick at the same time sometimes back to back. Christopher didnt make it a couple of times. But Hannah actually made it to the potty everytime. Lot less clean up. Both have poopy issues too and and one point poor Christoher was saying mommy what do I do first, poor little guy. They are better this morning, sipping ice cold gator ade and watching cartoons. Me, I am exhausted and dh is at work.

So I think I need to put a notice out to all viruses not to attack my children all at the same time. But then again maybe it is better to get it all over at once. All I know tha the last few days have been horrid. I am exhausted and as a mom, you just want your kids to feel well again. You hurt when they hurt.

As for this being a topic for blogging who knows, but hey, this is my life......and my adventure in motherhood. So if it were all rainbows, roses and happy days in the park it would not be real. Nope in this house we have storm clouds, cranky children, cranky parents, puking children and messy towels and floors and parents who get puked on, pooped on and any numerous other things. Parenthood isn't always pretty now is it. And they sure didnt tell you about this stuff in lamaze classes, now did they?


Mommy Reg said...

I feel you! Two years ago, I had all 3 sick with the flu at once. Then this year I went through 2 cycles of everyone including WH (Wonderful Hubby) sick with the flu both directions. - Not fun with baby in tow also.
I pray everyone is healthy now.

Shawna said...

Oh my!!! maybe it is a good thing I had my boys so pspread apart LOL

Thelma said...

thanks yall. they are better for the most part. No more puking, still pooping and Christopher is very very week. He lost 3 lbs and now only weighs 29 pounds. He barely has the strenght to walk let alone play. I have finally been able to get a wee amount of jello in him. He looks like a sick child, a very sick child. But he is better just having trouble bouncing back. I am pushing the fluids with him but he got hit hard by this. So far I have had no real symptoms. I was feeling bad but with some sleep felt better. thanks ladies.

Tinamtl said...

We ALWAYS get eachothers bugs.

It's 100% for certain. One has a stomach flu - we all get it - except Tony...not sure why. But everybody else does.

As is life with young children.

Thelma said...

yeah the things your kids share with ya....huh? LOL