Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Okay now that I am learning

a few more blogging tricks from my dear friend Shawna I edited my blog so I didnt have to shamelessly plug a older posting. But it made me think how much I really enjoy blogging and how much I learn through blogging, reading other blogs and stretching my mind to think of topics. I really think blogging stretches me and challenges me to think at times. Sometimes, I post mindless stuff that may be less exciting and thought provoking than other blogs. But what I have discovered is that I enjoy blogging. It is as much a stress reliever as it is fun. I think it helps me to get out thoughts, feelings, ideas, and so much more. Blogging who knew years ago, and I will NOT say how long ago it was and I turned on a computer in my Senior year of high school for the first time, where computers would lead us. The computer is a connection to others, to thoughts, ideas, ways to learn, stretch and grow and quite frankly it amazes me. Our children will take it for granted. But we of the generation born to find out about computers and grow into them, can still sit amazed at what is available at our finger tips.


Shawna said...


Dahboard--> select the post and hit Edit-->at bottom of post box is Post Option-->Date and Time pop up and you manually enter date--> hit Publish and post appears in the correct order.

Verified :-)

Thelma said...

oh thanks.....LOL...gee that is simple.......LOL LOL LOL. dont mind me.....I am sleep deprived....LOL.