Saturday, June 9, 2007

Church work day

Our church held a work day today. Time to spruce up the grounds, cleaning that type of thing. Besides the pastor and his wife and Mike and I and the kids........all of 4 people showed up! But if we have a eating function or a party tons show up. I think that is sad. I have no right to judge them and I am not, I just think it is sad. The kids helped pick up small branches and litter and I "wearing" Jennifer helped the best I could. Then I had to come home and put Jennifer down for a nap and get the kids cooled off etc etc. I know they understand but I wasnt much help and the kids could only do so much. But my kids were adorable trying to help. Silly me forgot to take the camera.......but oh well the memory is there. Christopher asked why we were doing it and I explained that we are doing our part taking care of what God gave us in our church. I was a bit embarrased he asked "why do we have to do this" but I explained the best I could and hope no one who heard took offense. Kids.....they sure can embarrass you. LOL.


Shawna said...

I think it was a good question, a good opportunity, and a GREAT answer!

And yeah, it is sad everyone shows up for the fun and the events they get somethingout of and very few show up to give back--a bit of human nature these days.

Thelma said...

thanks Shawna....yep and human nature shows up a lot at church.....LOL. But the kids went to bed last night tired and happy and knowing they did a good thing. and your right it is a teaching moment....which are priceless. When I did homeschool preschool with Christopher I found teaching moments like that stuck better than some of the exercises we did. You will find that when you homeschool David. those teachable moments you dont realize or that until later or someone points it out. Thanks hon.

Tinamtl said...

I know how you feel. It's the same at Paola's school. Whenit comes time toparty - everyone is there and whenit comes time to clean up - few people show.

People are preoccupied and slightly selfish sometimes.