Monday, June 4, 2007


With my son's eating issues. Yes, he has allergies, so we do not give him anything he is allergic too. Yes, he has sensory issues but he has come so far. Part of it, is all in his head and stubborness. We have been not allowing him to have something different made if we make something he can eat. He is not happy. But he has to eat something besides the few things on his approved list. We have tried a reward system, doesn't work. We have tried letting him help cook, doesn't work. Tonight I made simple baked chicken. He has eaten this before no probelm but lately he has chosen to only eat either chicken nuggets or hamburgers. WELL people I am DONE! He refused to eat, so he is going to bed hungry. My heart simply can't take the battle any longer. He has it in his head he can't eat when he can. This is beyond reason. He has to decide in his own head that he can eat. I will not force feed him but I will not accept his excuses anymore. At 6 and a half he should be able to get beyond this self imposed diet. I offer him healthy foods and he will eat or do without. I can't do this any more. Even his therapist when we left Lakeland said she really could not help him any longer. He has to decide to eat. The thing is, he has eaten some of these things before that he now refuses to eat. His diet is so limited. No wonder he doesn't grow. I am so tired of this battle. I know God is in control but I can't fight this any longer. I give up. I really and truly give up. I will offer him food and if he doesn't eat, then he goes hungry. What else can I do? I will not coax, bribe, plead etc etc anymore. It is simple he eats or he doesn't. I am done. My heart is broken but what else can I do? He has to get it in his head that he can eat. I don't know if his problems are fear based, sensory based, or stubborn based. I have found no therapist that can help us. I dont know what to do. I have worked so hard to get h im where he is but now he is sliding back the other way. Sliding into a world where there is only a handful of things he will eat. I am tired so very tired.......and I have no idea what to do. I have to turn my Lord and ask for a miracle in my son's mind, will and emotions. Because only God can fix this. We can't, the doctors can't, and apparently Christopher can't. So we only have one way to turn. God help me but I can't fight this battle anymore. I am done. God help my little boy. I can't. My hands are tied. I have done all I can do. I am at the end of myself, the end of my rope and out of ideas.



Deana1979 said...

Oh thelma ((((HUGS)))))) I am sooooo sorry you know your all in my prayers!

Thelma said...

thanks so much.....I am feeling less overwhelmed about it today. My emotions over it are still close to the surface but I am trying to control that for my son's sake. He saw me upset and I explained WHY because I think he needs to know how serious it is.

Tinamtl said...

Thelma - youare small framed - maybe his height and weight takes after you. Don't blame yourself. Even if he ate only a handful of things he would still grow! Just make it a healthy handful. Hide healthy things inside by pureeing them first. (example - in his mac and cheese - puree some steamed cauliflour) him white bread that has the wheat hidden inside (smart bread)...etc etc.
Glad you feel better today.

Thelma said...

Thanks Tina......I am going to start hiding babyfood veggies in homemade hamburgers again. He can't eat mac n cheese but I can come up with some stuff.......the V8 juice fruit blend is chock full of veggies and he doesnt know it. The other day I did get him to taste soy ice cream so I am going to keep at it...thanks yall.

Shawna said...

Try to relax a bit--if he doesn't get a response from you and dad, his stubbornness won't pay off. As long as he is eating something, then try to relax and see if that works a bit. Give yourself a time: this next two weeks I will make no issue about meal time and eating--if he eats great, if not--I will say nothing; if he eats only his select few items so be it--no issues, no comments, no fuss. See if that works and then throw in a small reward--a spoonful of whatever each night and we can have whatever--make it a family thing rather than a Christopher thing. Hannah eats a spponful, daddy eats his spoonful, mommy eats her spoonful and if Christopher eats his than everyone gets a cookie or brownie or whatever for dessert.

It might work. Just relax and take the focus off of Christopher and food.


Thelma said...

Actually Shawna, I haven't tried that. That is a great idea. In the midst of things like this, you often can't see what might be a simple solution. We will try this one.....what a great idea....thanks hon and thanks everyone.