Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Celebrating "Lasts"

I read a novel once by Karen Kingsbury, there is a whole series called the Firstborn series and it follows a family through their lives. Anyway, in the book the mother/grandmother in the series talks about celebratings lasts. There is a poem in one of the books as well on the subject. The idea comes from the fact that we all celebrate our children's first. Their first steps, their first tooth, the first time they sleep through the night. There are so many firsts to celebrate. Yet, we never celebrate lasts. Yet, they are just as precious. The last time your child took a bottle or the last time your child wanted to be tucked in bed with a hug, a kiss and a cuddle. When is the last time your child needed to be sung a lullabye? These things are precious because it shows how fleeting time is. Our children grow up so fast, almost before our eyes. That we forget sometimes to treasure those little moments. Moments in time that can be forever in our hearts. Just this week I realize my baby is rarely crawling anymore, she would rather walk. Yet, she still likes to hold onto my finger as we walk. It is so sweet. My other two no longer have that need to be right by my side when they walk. Sometimes they will still hold my hand when we are in the mall or a store. But most times they do not want to. I remember when each of them held my finger in their tiny little fist as they walked. Their hands too tiny to hold my hand the regular way. They didnt really need to hold that finger but with their toddling new steps it made them feel better. As Jennifer does this my heart swells cause I know this is a real last. The last time I will have a child to do this because she is my baby. I wish I could have a picture of each of them looking up at me as we walk, their tiny hand wrapped around my finger, their expression of complete trust and adoration that Mommy makes everything safe. My older children have long passed this stage. Their independence is growing and my children are maturing, just as they should. And yes, we celebrate they are growing up, but sometimes we need to take a moment and celebrate a last.

I challenge you to blog about a last you can celebrate. What memories do you have of one of your child's lasts? What is precious about it? What makes it special to you? If you could freeze a moment in time with a camera and take a picture what picture would it be? What last would it celebrate?


Shawna said...

Great challenge! Great concept and thought...I will have to thing of this and blog on it next week.