Monday, June 18, 2007

Cranky cranky cranky baby

Oh my, she must be cutting teeth. She is so cranky. Although she got a nap today it was late due to the kids crusade. She was not overly fond of the nursery attendant I think and that did not help matters. The lady was practically a stranger to her in that she has only seen her a few times. She is such a sweet baby. She has her moments though you think someone has replaced her with a different species. She is a happy go luck little one most of the time, but today........whew. I do not think she likes being without Mommy for 3 hours. She was without me yestereday for about that amount of time due to church. She was in the nursery I was home sick with Christopher's asthma acting up as well. Then today and we still have two more days to go. I wonder if the stranger anxiety figures in. I have so much to do yet here I sit, blogging. I am tired, I cant think and all I want to do is cry. And yes, it is the week before AF is due, LOL so I guess that would have something to do with my feelings of being overwhelmed with her crankiness. At one point today, she got so bad with it, I had to put her in her bed and walk away. I felt my pressure rising and felt it better to take a breather as I just wanted to smack her on her wee butt and yell at her. Instead, I chose to put her in her crib and walk away and shut the door. I think as moms we fail to let others know when we get to that point. It is like we think it is a sign of weakness or poor mothering if we feel like "losing it" with our child. We are told as new moms that we just have to deal with it and the baby can't help it, which may be true. However, we are not told much about how to handle it and that it is normal to get upset at your baby. Instead, mothers are made feel unatural if they get mad at their children. We are supposed to rise above it at all times. Yet, those self same people would not admit they have been there, if they have kids. We aren't perfect and our babies are perfect. They get smelly, sticky, and cranky. So as we grow in motherhood we learn to deal with it, even if it means putting our dear little one down and walking away. Yet in the news, you see reports of people who did NOT do that. And I have judged them. They probably felt much the same in the beginning before they lost it but never acknowledged it or let themselve know it is okay not to be able to handle it. Oh I know there is much more to it than that, but I think the need to do it all fits into it. So my dear husband is in the room now, soothing her because I just put her to bed and she is screaming. This only breeds the need for her to do this every night. When he worked nights they didnt play mommy like they play daddy, LOL. But she knows Daddy will come, CRY LOUD and Daddy WILL come. Make it sound pitiful and he will stay with you and pat your back and rock you.....LOL. My dear darling cranky baby just needs to go to sleep. LOL


Tinamtl said...

Ahhh the memories LOL.


This too shall pass...

Thelma said...

LOL......thanks hon, I needed the hugs. She is not that cranky this morning but she ended up in bed with me at 4 am....LOL. It is called SELF DEFENSE sleeping....LOL.