Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Poetry Thursday

Mother's Tapestry

In th stillness of the night
washed in the pale moon light
a scene begins to unfold
with beauty untold.
The sound of a baby's cry
the beauty of a mother's lullabye
For this is the picture of love
filled with innocence from above.
The night hours fade into dawn
and mother stiffles a yawn
for in her arms she holds her litte one
whose life has just begun
She whispers promises in the tiniest little ear
of today, tomorrow and next year.
As she holds her newborn child
whose cry is still yet meek and mild
She begins to weave a cord of love
softer than the feathers of a pure white dove
yet stronger than bonds of steel
for what she is weaving is unseen but oh so real
For she weaves a tapestry for this child's life
one that will help her little one face hardship and strife.
For the lessons she will teach will help this child to grow
in wisdom, faith, and the ability to face what life will bestow.
She walks into this place unsure and feeling less than able
but knowing that in this baby's life she must be stable.
So as she weaves this unseen cord of love
she prays for strength from above.
For what begins with one small strand of love like purest gold
will complete a tapestry of life when this little one is old.
What will this child behold looking back in those final years
Let it be filled with life, love, victories and even tears
for the tapestry to be rich and full of beauty yet unseen
she must teach with wisdom, love and senses so keen
she prepares her little one for things yet unknown
so her child is ready to stand in adulthood alone
She teaches her child so she can let go
so her little one can one same knowlege bestow
upon a little one held in loving arms
as another parent is filled with a new baby's charms.

by Thelma S. June 6, 07