Friday, March 17, 2017

Tales From The Crate

I read both A Dog's Purpose and A Dog's Journey by Bruce Cameron.  I could not put them down and read them both in two days. I really liked the story from the dog's perspective. It has inspired me to on occasion, write from Sammy's perspective. Thus Tales From The born. In the book, the Dog calls things by the name it is instead of the crate it is crate or such things as that.

From Sammy:

Today, I don't get it. Mama, she cleaned my bed that she also calls crate.  I don't understand why. It smelled just like me and all my smells I bring in from backyard.  I don't get why she doesn't like those smells. It smelled glorious. I don't want to sleep in crate with that clean smell. I have protested a lot, but she finally told me I had to go to sleep.  It just doesn't smell right.  They also took blinds off the window and too much light is coming in. Ugh, really, how do they expect a dog to sleep when so much is going on outside the window and my crate is so clean.  Silly Mama, dogs don't like clean crates and naked windows. Dad tried to fix blinds but the "new" one was just a bit too big. He says he will fix it tomorrow. My boy, Chris...he is smart. He decided to cover crate with a blanket and the best thing is the blanket smells just like my boy and it is dark inside my crate. Mama hopes this helps.
Love Sammy


Jennifer said...

Our dogs also hate clean. They hate a bath, they hate clean bedding and they do their best to dirty it all up again. LOL I'll tell you they are good at that. Cute Blog Post.

Thelma Strobl said...

I hope he sleeps better tonight. He kept whining last night. He was in his crate some today when Mike cut the lawn in the backyard. I hope he got some of his smell in there. LOL. The new blinds are up so hopefully my kids furry and human kind will sleep well tonight so that I can too. LOL