Sunday, March 26, 2017

Day 12: If I won the lottery, aka if I came into money

I really don't play the lottery. I have better things to spend my hard earned dollar on than a chance to win mega millions. I have a greater chance of coming into a windfall from an unknown relative, LOL.

If I won the lottery, I would pay off all my student, debt, medical debt, our car payments, etc AFTER I gave a huge chunk to our church and the missionaries we support.  Then I would live off the interest and we would use the money to help others. I dream of being able to randomly pay off someone's car or pay their mortgage off, without them knowing who did it.  I don't need a fancy house or a fancy car. I would love to just secretly help people.  I wouldn't want them to know it was me so I would do my best to keep my windfall to myself.

I would send a family that had never been on a vacation on an all-expenses paid vacation with spending money.

I would find a mom and dad with a special needs child and pay for them to have a nurse come in for a weekend so they could get away on an all expenses paid vacation for two.

I would pay off people's layaway.

I would buy random people's groceries.

I would donate to schools and various research for diseases.

OH, the things that I could do............


Jennifer said...

Those things are absolutely the sweetest thing I have ever read <3

Thelma Strobl said...

aww, thank you. It would be my dream come true to be able to do those things.