Wednesday, March 15, 2017

31 day blogging challenge Day 1 INTRODUCTION

Pinterest is my friend. I am going to attempt to do this........
31 Day Blog Challenge: I'm challenging myself to get through a month of blogging every day! Let's see if this actually happens..:

I got it off Pinterest. I tried to link to the original poster but the "page was not found". So I tried to give credit where credit was due but it did not pan out.

As a way of introduction, I will say I am Thelma, married to Mike for almost 18 years.  Our kids are Chris, Hannah, and Jennifer. They are 16, 13, and 10. When I started this blog, way back in the beginning they were so little. We have all grown and changed over the years.  My husband and I finally got out of the rent scene and bought a house 3 years ago. IT is awesome. We love our house.
I now work part time. When I started this blog...I was a stay at home Mom. Now I work part time with babies.  I also work for our church keeping babies during services.  Yes, why yes, there is a theme to my life...BABIES. I love babies, toddlers, kids. I love taking care of them and watching them grow and learn. Now some days are hard but for the most part, I do enjoy my job.  Life has thrown us for some loops but we are still taking life, one day a time.  That's a nutshell.


Jennifer said...

What a neat Challange Thelma! I look forward to all your posts!