Saturday, March 25, 2017

Day 11 Most Proud Moment

I don't think there can be just one. Every time I held one of my newborns's in my arm it was a most proud moment.  Watching them make their own choice, all by themselves to accept Jesus as their Lord, it was a most proud moment. Watching them help someone, and give of themselves to someone in need, was a most proud moment.  Seeing them grow in love, compassion and faith those are my most proud moments.

Before I had kids, I had no idea what the accomplishments, growth, and actions of another person could do to you inside your deepest most heartfelt emotions. I did not understand you could feel so proud of something your child did that your heart physically felt it.  I did not understand that what your kids do could make you happier than any lottery prize, any personal award, or any promotion.  It is that deep, watching your kids becoming, loving, compassionate, good people. That emotion goes beyond pride, it is like soul joy. Joy and pride so deep it can't be explained well enough by human words.

So, I say all this to say, my most proud moments are wrapped up with a mother's love and tied with a bow of joy.