Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Curve Ball

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Life..............it has a way of throwing you curve balls. Sometimes, they are big and hard and more difficult than you can imagine.  Other times, they just slightly curve and not so hard to handle.  Sometimes, you know one is coming, but you don't know when or where. You just sense it.  In those moments the waiting for the ball to come across the plate is just as agonizing as what may be about to happen.  These curve balls are never easy to hit or catch. It is in those moments...that my only resource is my faith.  God is my coach, my teammate, my umpire and my best friend.  It is in the moments when I feel a curve ball coming that I pray not my will but thine be done. That being said, I didn't always pray that way. I used to beg and plead and bargain with God not to let the curve balls come. Yes, HE CAN stop a curve ball. Sometimes,  He lets them come hard and fast and right at you,l but He never, ever leaves you. Now, I have learned it is in trusting God to help/coach me through the curve ball that brings me the most peace. That isn't to say, I always get it right or do it well. I just put my faith in Him and swing.  Guess what....sometimes...let's face it....too many times to count...I get it WRONG.  He doesn't forsake me. He doesn't leave me to be hit and alone and wallering in the dirt. He holds me close, He says "My child it's okay, you will hit the home run next time. I am proud of you, even when you strike out and fall in the dirt because you tried so hard. He, NEVER, EVER gives up on me.  

So, let the curve balls come.  I may not get it right and I just might hit that home run.  The thing is that I have tried to do it right and my coach is proud of me.  


Jennifer said...

What a beautiful testament of your everlasting faith and your walk with God. It takes a lot to say "Okay God I will try because I know you have my back, We've got this!" <3

Thelma Strobl said...

Thanks girl